Show opens in
TrawlerPort on South Lake Union

PassageMaker Magazine's Event Series is pleased to announce its return to Lake Union and the Seattle Boat Show, Indoors + Afloat with the expansion of its annual TrawlerPort in Seattle. This year TrawlerPort will be sponsoring and hosting free boating activities Saturday, Jan. 26 and Sunday, Jan. 27. Click Here to View the Schedule.

TrawlerPort is a designated area within mainstream boat shows that is dedicated to promoting the cruising-under-power lifestyle niche. By hosting free boating seminars TrawlerPort hopes to educate, engage, and encourage boating enthusiast to learn more about this lifestyle. In addition, TrawlerPort organizes participating vessels that serve this niche into a special section, so that it is easy for cruising enthusiasts to find and visit these vessels.

TrawlerPort is an exciting event program that expands PassageMaker Magazine's commitment to helping trawler owners and enthusiasts realize their dreams of cruising with confidence, comfort, and enthusiasm. It is formatted as a trawler show within established boat shows across the country.

TrawlerPort is an event program that builds and reinforces relationships between the industry and consumers, offering marine professionals in the trawler and ocean motorboat niche and marine-experienced consumers an opportunity to exchange ideas and information. It’s a winning combination.

For more information on TrawlerPort Seattle, or to see the free cruising-under-power seminars available to you click here or call 888.487.2953