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A popular feature with hundreds of boaters, the 2017 Seattle Boat Show features more than 200 boating and fishing seminars. On this page you will find the entire list of free boating seminars.

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NOTE: The free boating seminars will be held on the Club Level on weekends. The entrances to all boating and fishing seminar, weekends and weekdays, are located near the intersection between the North and West Halls at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stage #1
North Hall
Stage #2
North Hall
Stage #3
North Hall
Stage #4
Club Level
Stage #5
Club Level
Stage #6
Club Level
Stage #1 North Hall Stage
Columbia River Springers in Your Boat! 2:00P-2:50P Tom Nelson
Salmon Fishing in Central Puget Sound 3:00P-3:50P Gary Krein
Fishing for San Juan Islands Chinook 4:00P-4:50P Tom Nelson
NW Kayak Fishing Skills 5:00P-5:50P Bryce Molenkamp
Learn to Mooch, Puget Sound Salmon 6:00P-6:50P Keith Robbins
Tuna Fishing off the Washington Coast 7:00P-7:50P Tommy Donlin
Stage #2 North Hall Stage
Using Currents in Trip Planning 1:00P-1:50P Carolyn "Ace" Spragg
Sail Trim for Cruisers: Get the Most Out of Your Sails 2:00P-2:50P Carol Hasse
Cruising to SE Alaska's Glaciers 3:00P-3:50P Elsie Hulsizer
Taming of the Single Screw 4:00P-4:50P Chuck Gould
10 things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Cruising 5:00P-5:50P Nancy Erley
Start Here, Start Now … Earn Your Captain’s License This Spring 6:00P-6:50P Skip Anderson
Choosing the Kayak for your Paddling Goals 7:00P-7:50P Greg Whittaker
Stage #3 North Hall Stage
How to Select, Operate and Maintain Your Big Boat Trailer 1:15P-2:05P Sandy Williamson
Stories of a Towing and Salvage Captain: What Really Makes You Safe! 2:15P-3:05P Brian Krantz
Storm/ Steering Drogues & Para Anchors 3:15P-4:05P Zack Smith
It's Not About the Camera: Cruising Photography with iPhones, Drones, and DSLRs 4:15P-5:05P Laura Domela & Kevin Morris
70 Years of History, Behind the Scenes at the Seattle Boat Show 5:15P-6:05P Kimberly Cohen
What a Rigger Looks for on a Sailboat 20 Years Old 6:15P-7:05P Andy Schwenk
Stage #4 Club Level Stage
Stage #5 Club Level Stage
Stage #6 Club Level Stage