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A popular feature with hundreds of boaters, the 2017 Seattle Boat Show features more than 200 boating and fishing seminars. On this page you will find the entire list of free boating seminars.

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NOTE: The free boating seminars will be held on the Club Level on weekends. The entrances to all boating and fishing seminar, weekends and weekdays, are located near the intersection between the North and West Halls at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stage #1
North Hall
Stage #2
North Hall
Stage #3
North Hall
Stage #4
Club Level
Stage #5
Club Level
Stage #6
Club Level
Stage #1 North Hall Stage
Successfully Fishing Lakes Washington/Sammamish Year Round 2:00P-2:50P Mark Gavin
Successful Puget Sound Shrimping 3:00P-3:50P Tom Nelson
Learn to Mooch, Puget Sound Salmon 4:00P-4:50P Keith Robbins
Tuna Fishing off the Washington Coast 5:00P-5:50P Tommy Donlin
Deep Water Chinook Fishing on the North Coast 6:00P-6:50P Mike Jamboretz
NW Kayak Fishing Skills 7:00P-7:50P Bryce Molenkamp
Stage #2 North Hall Stage
Upwind and Downwind Sail Trim for Cruisers 1:00P-1:50P Andrew Kerr
Using your Mobile Device With Your Onboard Electronics 2:00P-2:50P Doug Miller
Granite, Glaciers and Grizzlies: Cruising the Kenai, the Katmai and Prince William Sound 3:00P-3:50P Mary Campbell
Prepare your Sailboat for Offshore 4:00P-4:50P Andy Schwenk
Anatomy of a Collision: Reducing your Risks on the Water 5:00P-5:50P Skip Anderson
Exploring Southeast Alaska 6:00P-6:50P Jim Rard
Spectra Rigging for Cruising, Racing & Historic Ships Cruising, Racing & Historic Ships 7:00P-7:50P Brion Toss
Stage #3 North Hall Stage
Early Exploration of Inland Waters in Puget Sound 1:15P-2:05P Dick Blumenthal
The Advantages of Charter Yacht Ownership 2:15P-3:05P Mike Lovell
VHF for Mariners 3:15P-4:05P Chris Doutre
Cruising Lake WA: Navigating the Locks & Where to Dock 4:15P-5:05P David Dykstra
Watermakers 101 5:15P-6:05P Richard Boren
Care and Feeding of Your Roller Furler 6:15P-7:05P Andy Schwenk
Stage #4 Club Level Stage
Stage #5 Club Level Stage
Stage #6 Club Level Stage