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A popular feature with hundreds of boaters, the 2017 Seattle Boat Show features more than 200 boating and fishing seminars. On this page you will find the entire list of free boating seminars.

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NOTE: The free boating seminars will be held on the Club Level on weekends. The entrances to all boating and fishing seminar, weekends and weekdays, are located near the intersection between the North and West Halls at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Stage #1
North Hall
Stage #2
North Hall
Stage #3
North Hall
Stage #4
Club Level
Stage #5
Club Level
Stage #6
Club Level
Stage #1 North Hall Stage
Dungeness Crabbing in Washington 2:00P-2:50P Clyde McBrayer
Fishing for San Juan Islands Chinook 3:00P-3:50P Tom Nelson
Salmon Fishing in Central Puget Sound 4:00P-4:50P Gary Krein
Dungeness Crabbing in Washington 5:00P-5:50P Clyde McBrayer
Successful Puget Sound Shrimping 6:00P-6:50P Tom Nelson
Deep Water Chinook Fishing on the North Coast 7:00P-7:50P Mike Jamboretz
Stage #2 North Hall Stage
What to do When the Captain Drops Dead: Whoops is Incapacitated 12:00P-12:50P Mark Bunzel
Intro to the Surface Pressure Chart 1:00P-1:50P Lee Chesneau
An Introduction to the 500mb Chart 2:00P-2:50P Lee Chesneau
Wind & Wave Concepts and Charts 3:00P-3:50P Lee Chesneau
The Care and Feeding of Batteries 4:00P-4:50P Alex Wilken
Essentials of Cruising Headsails 5:00P-5:50P Carol Hasse
Droning On! Flying a Drone from a Boat 6:00P-6:50P Sam Landsman
Buying a Boat: The Purchase Process 7:00P-7:50P Lynne Reister
Stage #3 North Hall Stage
Preparing for Off Shore Races or Passages: Vic Maui 11:15A-12:05P David Sutcliffe & Brad Baker
Reefing in 5 Minutes or Less 12:15P-1:05P Lisa Vizzini
A Better Way to Hail- using DSC on your VHF radio 1:15P-2:05P Doug Miller
Keeping Your Relationship Off the Rocks 2:15P-3:05P Wendy Hinman
Cruising the West Coast of Vancouver Island 3:15P-4:05P Elsie Hulsizer
Celestial Navigation: The Noon Shot 4:15P-5:05P Jeffrey Sanders
I'm Taking on Water: How to Find It and Stop It! 5:15P-6:05P Lynne Reister
Getting Your Captains License: All You Need to Know 6:15P-7:05P Jeffrey Sanders
Signal K -- What is it and how will it change boating? 7:15P-8:05P Steve Olsson
Stage #4 Club Level Stage
Stage #5 Club Level Stage
Stage #6 Club Level Stage