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A popular feature with hundreds of boaters, the 2017 Seattle Boat Show features more than 200 boating and fishing seminars. On this page you will find the entire list of free boating seminars.

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NOTE: The free boating seminars will be held on the Club Level on weekends. The entrances to all boating and fishing seminar, weekends and weekdays, are located near the intersection between the North and West Halls at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stage #1
North Hall
Stage #2
North Hall
Stage #3
North Hall
Stage #4
Club Level
Stage #5
Club Level
Stage #6
Club Level
Stage #1 North Hall Stage
Top Tactics for Winter Blackmouth 12:00P-12:50P John Keizer
Dungeness Crabbing in Washington 1:00P-1:50P Clyde McBrayer
How to Maximize your marine electronics to locate fish 2:00P-2:50P John Keizer
Dirty Downrigger Tricks 3:00P-3:50P Tom Nelson
Salmon Fishing: Coast & Puget Sound 4:00P-4:50P John Keizer
Learn to Mooch, Puget Sound Salmon 5:00P-5:50P Keith Robbins
Salmon Fishing in Central Puget Sound 6:00P-6:50P Nick Kester
Stage #2 North Hall Stage
Stage #3 North Hall Stage
Stage #4 Club Level Stage
Docking: How to Master Your Twin engine boat 11:00A-11:50A Linda Lewis
Essentials of Cruising Mainsails 12:00P-12:50P Carol Hasse
Currents: How to Plan for and Work with Them 1:00P-1:50P Linda Lewis
iPhones, iPads and boats: Tips from a Twenty Something Cruiser 2:00P-2:50P Sam Landsman
Docking in NW Waters 3:00P-3:50P Mike Huston
Anchoring in NW Waters 4:00P-4:50P Mike Huston
You Don’t Need to Buy a Boat to Enjoy Cruising: Charter! 5:00P-5:50P Mark Bunzel
Stage #5 Club Level Stage
Landscape and Wildlife Photography in the Great Bear Rainforest: The Central and North coast of BC 10:15A-11:05A Patrick Freeny
Safe Boating is More Fun 11:15A-12:05P Tom Dalgliesh
Boating Safety for Kids 12:15P-1:05P Linda Martin
Boating Confidence Through Organization 1:15P-2:05P Deborah Frost
Understanding Standing Rigging 2:15P-3:05P Lisa Vizzini
Upgrade Your Sail boat 3:15P-4:05P Andy Schwenk
Optimized and Personalized Sailing Tips 4:15P-5:05P Lisa Vizzini
Unlocking Off Shore Sail Inventory 5:15P-6:05P Chuck Skewes
Stage #6 Club Level Stage
Thru Hull Installation, Inspection and Maintenance 11:00A-11:50A Doug Lombard
Planning a Cruise to SE Alaska 12:00P-12:50P Elsie Hulsizer
Preparing your Boat and Yourself for Canada and Alaska 1:00P-1:50P Stephen Hulsizer
Provisioning Tips and Cooking Aboard 2:00P-2:50P Wendy Hinman
Vic Maui- Smashing Records and Dodging Tropical Storms 3:00P-3:50P David Sutcliffe & Brad Baker
What Does a Surveyor Really Do 4:00P-4:50P Lynne Reister
DIY Fuel Tank Maintenance 5:00P-5:50P Bill Orr